Thanks for your interest in a custom photography session with professional pet photographer, Pet Love Photography, serves both the Greater Cincinnati (Ohio) area and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you do not see your question answered below, please contact us and we will gladly answer it.


What if my pet doesn't cooperate?

We haven't had any pet defeat us yet, so if you think you're pet won't sit still or won't cooperate, don't worry...that's why you hired us! We have plenty of special tricks up our sleeves and endless amounts of patience. And, if after all that, we just can't get any usable images from our session with your pet, we will refund your money.


What if my pet has to be on a leash?

Then your pet is just like every other pet we photograph. Besides the fact that we often photograph in public places with leash laws in place, having your pet on a leash not only helps with their cooperation but is also a safety measure. We don't want any harm to come to your pet nor do we want them to harm anyone else, so we like to make sure pets are under control at all times during sessions. You won't see leashes in most of our images, because we Photoshop them out, but you can rest assured they were used.


Do you only photograph pets or do you photograph people?

While our main focus is pet photo sessions, we do photo sessions with people (with or without pets). In fact, we encourage you to be in some of the images we take of your pet(s), as they show that special bond you have with your furry family member. We specialize in portrait photography, so do not do weddings, special events, boudoir, or newborn sessions.


Do you have a studio?

We do not have a studio. We prefer to work on location, so we come to your home or a location that you love. We feel that pets, especially cats, are more comfortable in their home environment or other locations they are familiar with so it makes sense to take our set-up on the road. However, if you want a studio look, we have a portable studio set-up that we can bring to wherever you are.


Do your sessions come with a CD/DVD/USB of digital images?

No. We do not provide just digital images because technology is always changing and there is no guarantee that images provided in digital format will still be accessible in the future; not to mention the fact that all of those delivery methods can easily corrupt. We feel that the real value in a professional photography session, besides the experience provided, is the print and other physical products that clients have the option to purchase.  Wall portraits and photo albums are timeless and don't require electricity to be viewed. We do, however, provide web-friendly, watermarked, digital images for sharing via social media for any images you purchase in print or product. You can also purchase our full-resolution digital image package, should you wish archival quality digital files. We do not sell single images, so if you want digitals, you have to buy the collection.


What should I do to get ready for my session?

For sessions involving a pet, please make sure they are groomed a few days prior to your session. Make sure that hair isn't covering their eyes and that any tear stains are cleaned up prior to the session. If your pet is being photographed outside, they will need to wear a leash and collar, so please make sure that they are something you either want to be included in the images or make sure they don't stand out so they can be easily removed in post-production. Please note that basic leash removal is included, provided the leash is not too wide or obtrusive. During the session, we will try to make sure the leash is as hidden as possible unless it is to be included as part of the image. If your dog or cat typically wear a harness, decide if this is to be included in their image or not. If you want it removed, it will require additional editing at our hourly rate as these are more difficult to remove.

If your session involves people, please make sure that any haircuts are done a few days before the session, so that you can get used to the new cut. We do not provide make-up (unless arranged and paid for in advance), so please come ready for your shoot. You can have an outfit change or two, but keep in mind that any time taken to change your clothes will take away from your session, allowing less time for the actual photographs. You can always book additional time up front at our hourly rate. We will also provide some information in your confirmation email regarding clothing. Keep in mind that solid colors (other than white or black) are your best choice; avoid loud or busy patterns and any shirts with logos, large graphics, or writing. When accessorizing, less is always more; and don't forget to make sure your footwear goes with your outfit and is in good shape. Most of all, just remember to dress in a manner that is consistent with your personality and for the look you are going for. If there is more than one person in your photo, coordinate your outfits, but don't try to match everything (like all white shirts and jeans or khakis.)


What do you mean we meet before AND after our photo session?

We find that photo sessions go more smoothly when we meet with the client before their session takes place. Depending on the timing of your session, this can be a few days or a couple weeks. We want to make sure that we know what you are looking for both in terms of the session itself and your goals for any artwork. If we can meet in your home, this allows us to see the space you have available for both the shoot and for artwork. If you are unsure as to what you want, we are happy to guide you through the session and to suggest products that might interest you. In special cases, we can do the pre-session consultation via phone or over Skype, but in person is our preferred method in order that we provide you with the best service possible.

After we have our photo session, we will meet for our slideshow presentation and ordering session. This is where we show you the best images from your session in a slideshow set to music. We will then review the individual images with you to help you decide which images work best for the products you may be interested in purchasing. You will then make your decision and place your order. All orders are final and payment-in-full is due at the time your order is placed. If you need to make payment arrangements, we are happy to accommodate you on a schedule that is mutually agreeable.

What if I can't decide and want to place an order later?

If you can't decide, because you love all the images, and want to place an order later, that is fine with us; however, please be aware that prices are subject to change and we can't guarantee the prices or products at your ordering session will still be available. Because of this, we do prefer that all orders are placed at the time of the ordering session. Please note, that once an order is placed, no changes or substitutions are allowed as we begin working on your final images right away in order that you can have your products as soon as possible.


How long will it take to get my order?

Typically, we advise about 4-6 weeks from your ordering session (for those on a payment plan, allow that time-frame from the date of your final payment). If your order requires any proof approvals (albums or additional editing), your order will be delivered approximately 4-6 weeks from final proof approval. We deliver your entire order at the same time, so if an album is part of your order and proof approval is delayed, this will delay delivery of your entire order. Your fee includes one revision for albums and retouching proofs.


We hope we answered all your questions, but if you have a burning question we just didn't think of, please contact us and ask away.