Project 52: Sometimes Life Changes so Quickly | Week 17

April 30, 2021  •  6 Comments

It's Week 17 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and this week it was photographer's choice. Originally, I had a completely different title for my post and a different subject in mind for this week, but as the title indicates, life changes so quickly.

For the past several years I've worked with Save Our Shelter Dogs Rescue to help their rescue pets get seen. My kitten, Milo, was adopted from them this past September. So, of course, I follow them on social media. Wednesday morning I saw a post about Jill, an alumnus of the rescue, who was headed into surgery at the vet after chewing up her bed and ingesting stuffing. Unfortunately, the stuffing didn't all pass and Jill was in need of surgery. Jill was quite young when she came to the rescue and she eventually ended up as the personal dog of Lori, the lady who runs the rescue. Over the last several years I've gotten to know Lori from my work photographing the rescue pets. Last September, I got to photograph Jill and Lori's other dogs. So, of course, I was invested in how Jill was doing. I sent Lori a message late Wednesday night checking in. I got a reply Thursday morning that Jill had a rough night and they were headed back to the vet. We messaged a couple of times throughout the day until I heard from Lori that Jill wasn't doing well and she was taking her to MedVet. Sadly, the next time I checked in with Lori, she told me she had to let Jill go.

So, life definitely changes very quickly. Jill was around 11, but she was well-loved and well taken care of by Lori, she should have had many years left of being a grumpy old lady hound. 

Here are a couple of the images I took of Jill. I'm so glad I was able to photograph her for Lori.

RIP, Jill.


"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." ~ Agnes Sligh Turnball


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What a beautiful yet bittersweet gift we bring our clients and friends. I'm sure she is so grateful to have these photos.
I’m so sorry for yours and Lori’s loss. Jill looks like a smart, tentative girl whose life was too short. May she run freely on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
Linda Perdue(non-registered)
Wow - that's so sad and yes, life can change quickly. I'm sorry and sad to hear about Jill for both you and Lori - I am sure that Lori is hurting at this time - the photos are wonderful memories.
So very sad. We have several dogs who go bedless when crated here, and we supervise all playtime with stuffy toys. I am very afraid of stuffed things due to some of our super chewers who cannot be trusted. We use other treats instead, like raw marrow bones, which later become play things when dried and cleaned. She was a lovely girl.
Angela Schneider(non-registered)
Oh dear. Lori, if you happen to be reading this, I am so sorry for your loss. Judging by Suzi's beautiful images, Jill looked like a snugglebug. Rest thee well, sweet Jill.
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