Project 52: Cinematic | Week 43

October 26, 2018  •  2 Comments

It's Week 43 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. Our theme this week was "cinematic," which basically means something related to movies or storytelling through the use of visual media. Well, photography is certainly one way of storytelling through visual media. I've loosely interpreted our cinematic theme to share the story of the newest member of our pack, and newest star...and are you going to love her!

Last week I attended an event at the 21c Museum Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati. It was a fundraiser for the SPCA Cincinnati and sponsored by Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa. It was the first time I'd been to 21c and I can't wait to go back, because the space is very cool. I didn't really get to see everything (all of the art) because very shortly after I arrived...dramatic pause...I fell in love. 

I barely made it past the registration table when I saw an adorable little chihuahua mix hanging out in the arms of an SPCA worker. This darling little girl was the hit of the party. She was so cute and so laid back and just wanted to give kisses. She had her red carpet moment when she got to pose with event emcees Chris O'Brien and Janeen Coyle of "Married with Microphones" on Cincinnati's 103.5 WGGR. In the meantime, the ladies who work for Red Dog were all clamoring around say "Adopt her! Adopt her!" So, after a few minutes debating with myself and asking "permission" from the BF I did just that.

It took us a few days to figure out what this former "Foxy Lady" (that was her name in her old life) would be called. Mr. Bojangles put a few suggestions to a vote on his social media and the overwhelming winner was "Lola." Other choices and suggestions were Delilah, Daisy, Precious, Scarlet, Honey, and a few others. So, on Saturday, Lola. was officially welcomed to the Pet Love Photography pack.

I think this little star is going to fit right in.
Join Mr. Bojangles and me tomorrow at "Hops with Harrison Ford, a Bulldog Fundraiser" at The Woodburn Brewery, 2800 Woodburn Avenue, as we help raise money for Queen City Bulldog Rescue and celebrate the birthday of Instagram celebrity Harrison Ford Bulldog (@harrisonfordbulldog); the event is sponsored by our friends at Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa.

Next up is Lynda Mowat from Heartstrings Photography, based in Hamilton, New Zealand, after your stop down under, journey around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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LOL! My three little ones don't even add up to Stella's weight (around 50#), but if you add the cat in they get close.
Tracy Allard(non-registered)
Congratulations! She's adorable! Maybe I need to start looking for smaller dogs so I can have more! My 3 top out around 135 lbs combined, so when you add another, you notice! It might be easier to slip in a little Chi :), LOL.
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